Bamboo Rayon Fabric

Silk, cotton, linen, bamboo – really what are the differences between all of these fabrics?  Obviously they all feel differently, and some are cheaper than others.  Some are marketed as eco-friendly – but is it really true? Bamboo rayon fabric is a fabric that is often called eco-friendly.  But is it?  And if so, what Read More →

Understanding The Real Cost Of Green Construction

What are the true costs of constructing green homes and buildings? Is it more, less or the same as the cost of traditional methods? Many people want to know the answer to this question – no doubt you do as well! Read on to understand what really goes into green housing. What Studies Indicate The Read More →

Recycling Glass to make Art Glass

Every time a bottle smashes into the recycling bin or another load of industrial glass shards arrives at the recycling centre, you can be sure that some of it will become art glass. The wonderful thing about glass is that it is infinitely recyclable and so can be remoulded and reshaped a million times over. Read More →